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How to make Money on Facebook – How to Use Facebook Ads

How to make money on Facebook is a question we get asked quite regularly! We will give you the answers…

How to make Money with Facebook - How to Use Facebook Ads

How to make money on Facebook
Unleash the Power of your Facebook – Fanpages

The rush on social networks, particularly Facebook, is still unbroken. When it comes to Facebook marketing, companies have quite different strategies. Not least because of the ever coming changes Facebook is making in their rules for marketing on their platform. Facebook ads have become a consistent increasingly strategy in companies Facebook marketing campaigns. Why? Read on …


How awesome would it be to sell $100, $500, or $10,000 of additional products to ‘your’ Facebook fans? And how about doing the same with your website visitors? All for a very low cost? “How to make money on Facebook” will answer for you in a second, how to achieve this. If you haven’t unlocked the potential of your Facebook Pages using Facebook re-marketing, then you are missing out on some serious potential revenue. This article is all about how you can target your Facebook and website fans. Start to turn them into repeat and satisfied customers.


How to make money on Facebook
Remarketing With Facebook Exchange

Website Custom Audiences

How to make Money on Facebook - How to Use Facebook Ads
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Speaking about how much information Facebook knows about its user base is almost a little frightening… but for an online marketer, the personal information that Facebook collects about its users means that you can target people who are looking for the products and services that you’re promoting.


There are three main ways to create Ads on Facebook. If you have used a Facebook Page for any length of time, you understand how boosted posts work. Essentially, you pay a price to send your content to the fans connected to your page. Facebook doesn’t show everyone the same posts, because of an algorithm known as the post relevance score. Therefore, whenever you create content on your Facebook page, only the most actively engaged users on your page will see your content.


Boosting your post increases the audience of your content and results in more shares, likes, & comments. It helps drive massive traffic to your website. It makes sure that people take a look at the image or video that you’re promoting, and it can give readers the social proof needed to make a purchase decision and become customers.



Website Custom Audience
– Facebook Power Editor –

When you first begin in the world of Facebook marketing, those reasons alone are enough to spend a few dollars boosting your fan’s favorite post so that you can make a few additional sales to your network. But boosted posts are still very limiting in the scope of creating Facebook advertisements when you consider what’s possible using the Facebook Power Editor.


How to make Money on Facebook - How to Use Facebook Ads

If you haven’t created an ad through the Facebook Exchange program or while using the Power Editor, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Although there are many steps to creating ads through these tools, once you get past the initial learning curve then you’ll understand just how powerful these tools are for your business. These two ad creation tools are marketed toward large businesses that promote thousands of products, but it can just as easily benefit small businesses or entrepreneurs that are looking to target a local area. Therefore it will be a powerful tool in your Business Toolbox and essential if you really want to learn how to make money on Facebook.

Now if you have a Facebook page, chances are that you also have a website. If you don’t, I absolutely recommend that you establish a website (see our ‘How to Make Money Online’ guide, to learn how) just so that you can target people through Facebook re-marketing ads. Unsure how Facebook re-marketing ads will help increase the sales power of your Facebook page and your website? Let me explain…


How to make money on Facebook
What is Facebook Exchange?

Facebook Exchange is for the well-established large businesses that sell thousands of products. Even if your business isn’t quite there, it’s good to know exactly how Facebook Exchange works so that one day you can use it to benefit your business. Basically Facebook Exchange feeds advertisements to Facebook users based on their Internet search history.


Have you ever wondered why, when you search for something in Google, Facebook almost seems to understand? For example, if you search for “Gibson Electric Guitars” and then you look at your Facebook feed and notice an ad that promotes learning to play the guitar, you might discount it as only being a coincidence. Well, the truth is that nothing happens by chance. You can use this technology to feed relevant ads and promote products and services that customers have searched within the past 24 hours with Facebook Exchange, which makes it really powerful for digital marketers.


How to make money on Facebook
Unlock the Sale Potential of Facebook and Your Website!
The Power of Website Custom Audiences?

Now if you run your own business and promote ads on Facebook regularly, then chances are that you know about the Power Editor. It’s Facebook’s marketing tool that you use directly on Facebook to build custom Facebook ads. You can check out our: How to make a high Converting Facebook Ad! guide here. You can take the things that you’ve posted directly on your Fan Page and promote them to users all around the world, even if they’ve never liked your page or even heard about your product before.


When you connect your Facebook Page with your website, which can be done within your ad creation on the bottom left, then you have a website custom audience. If you’re serious about unlocking the sale potential of not only your own Facebook page, but your website as well, then you have to learn how to build website custom audience ads that target people who engage with your content.


How to make money on Facebook
Guide – How to use the Salespower of Cusom Audiences

You place a conversion tracking pixel onto the pages of your website. Essentially, someone will click on an ad you build on Facebook and get to a certain point of your website. Perhaps they sign up for your newsletter or purchase an item from you. Or maybe they never get that far in the process and exit the same landing page that they clicked onto. With a tracking pixel, you can see what actions a user takes after they click on your Facebook ad – where did they click.


On your way of learning how to make money on Facebook it is crucial, that you know where your customers click and where not. Not only can you track conversions of your ad with a conversion pixel, but you can also compile a list of people to re-market to, which is where the sales potential is the greatest. You have probably heard that it costs ten times more to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an old one? – So true!

How to make Money on Facebook - How to Use Facebook Ads


That’s not too different from the fact that people often need to be reminded of your product or service over and over before taking action. This is why building an e-mail list is so important.

How to make money on Facebook
The Solution – Re-Marketing

People who are interested in your offer might get side tracked with a multitude of other things and might bookmark your page to buy your product at a later time and then forget. Or perhaps they’re waiting for your product to reduce in cost before buying. Maybe they don’t have the money to pay for your product right now. It could also be the case that they bought a product from your competitor, but they’re looking to switch to your product in the future. The thing is that you’ll never know if you only market to someone once and then never make contact with them again. Re-marketing will help you to remind all these people of the awesomeness of your product – and mostly than the magic (sales) happen.

There are tons of applications to Facebook re-marketing that should make it a no-brainer to get started with. If group A goes to your landing page then purchases a product, then you’ll be able to segment that group of people from group B who goes to your landing page and then immediately exits. You can create new advertisements up-selling or cross-selling a new or enhanced version of your product to group A to earn additional income, while sharing a new sale or bonus item with group B to compel them to purchase your product now. That is where you may realize how to make money on Facebook the professional way. Obviously they are interested in the product or they would not have clicked on the ad in the first place. Why not give everyone a little extra incentive to spend more money with your company?


How to make money on Facebook
The  Specific Advertising Formats

Defining your targeted audience!

For many advertisers Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories are very interesting especially through the broad reach of Facebook. But in order to keep the wastage of money and time, setting up an ad campaign as low as possible. How to make Money on Facebook - How to Use Facebook AdsThis is achieved because Facebook provides laser targeted traffic through the many profile information of their users they have.

You can specify location, gender,age, deep dive in the interests of people you want to target (what did people click on in the past); you even can target the audience of other companies or famous people by using this term as an interest eg. Michael Jackson or Coca Cola.

This gives you the possibility for very good targeting of your ad campaign to a specific audience of people.


How to make money on Facebook
5 Quick-Tips for high Converting Facebook Ads

  1. Mobil Only: To get the best out of your Money spent on an Ad-Campaign, you should only target Mobil devices with your ad.
    You can click Remove on Desktop and Sidebar
  2. Create a narrow target audience. It is not necessary to create an audience of millions or tens of millions people you can reach. It is highly more effective, if you narrow down your target audience as specific as possible. For example if you want to Promote a Book on Facebook/Your Website you can target people who love reading. But! You could also target people who love reading => people who buy books => Reading a certain kind of book (like children’s books) => especially illustrated adventure books for kids. If you do not find the possibility of targeting as specific as you would wish, think outside the box.In our example: people who love reading => people who buy books => Young Parents/People who buy Pampers or teething rings (kids age 6month to 1 1/2 years old => ….. Just get creative!
  3. Use Images with big laughing faces when ever possible as these seem to convert best in most cases.
  4. Use a Retargeting Pixel (tool that allows you to “follow the people throughout the web” with your ads) to reach out to those people who saw/interacted with your first ad in a second or third one.
  5. Schedule your ad to times where you can best reach your target audience.


Other benefits include the social component and the implementation of Facebook features of Likes, Shares and Comments as a possible goals for your campaign.


What can be your benefits of Facebook Ads

There are many good reasons for an engagement on Facebook, but your company always should keep a good (online) marketing mix.

Facebook could/should be used if you want to

  • get more fans and followers = future customers
  • increasing the interaction with your brand = build trust and a relationship
  • increasing the range = expand your reach in specific regions, markets or even new countries
  • generating traffic and conversions on your website

To clarify your concrete objective is extremely important when starting a focused marketing campaign on Facebook. Big Tip at the end: Do not overthink these ads. Following the above advice will ensure that you will have a certain level of success with your facebook ad campaigns. The rest will be experience, split-testing and fine-tuning your ads and audiences bit by bit.

Of course as always we can help you with creating a professional Facebook Ad Campaign. You find our Service and Pricing for Facebook Ads in our Social Media Service Overview.

Hope we could help you to clarify how to make money with Facebook. We wish you all the best to reach your goals; maybe a little faster. It is time to start your first campaign – Now!



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