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5 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy

Many companies are now integrating a social media strategy into their marketing and communication plans. However, they often forget to focus on the right concept of a social media strategy. Without a well-defined strategy, your plan for a successful social media appearance will not become a success-story.   Social Media Strategy: Important questions should be […]

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Increase Twitter Traffic – Secrets to 2x Your Twitter Traffic

  Most of you, my dear readers, won’t tweet this article. – Why?    You just lack motivation for any kind of action, other than reading it. I know this because I rarely tweet articles myself, even when they’re plain awesome. I’m just too lazy to do that. So just keep reading and I share one of my Secrets […]

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Why should Businesses use Social Media in 2017

Why should businesses use Social Media? Over 1,2 BILLION active users on Facebook and nearly 400 million on Twitter, it’s obvious that social media has the spotlight. You surely know it – it’s not at all starting to decrease soon. Why should businesses use social media in 2016 will provide you with some facts. It’s the […]