How to Create a Facebook Page – Viral and Effective


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 8 Steps to create a Profitable,
viral Business Page on Facebook

As the founder of a company or blog, you need one thing above all:


Direct Contact with your Target Audience.
No Customers NO Sales!


But in the process of starting a new business or blog there is so much work to do and money to spend, that time and budget for Marketing is sometimes hard to find.

How to gain a huge customer fan-base?
First of all you need a good Social Media Strategy and a good presence in the social media networks. 75 % of small and medium-sized companies have realized, that utilizing social media for their public relations is a powerful tool. It applies and strengthens a good connection to their customers – and this means a boost to a lasting Success-Story.

With a good Social Media Strategy Startups can develop a competitive edge, attract new customers and promote their products to a custom audience that already ‘likes’ them. The most important and probably the most commonly used social media platform by small and medium businesses is Facebook.

In this Facebook-Page-Guide I will show you exactly step by step, how to set up an viral business page to connect, engage and keep a growing fan-base for your blog, passion or business.

So, lets start together ….


How to Create a Facebook Page
Setting up Your Facebook – Company- or Fanpage

Step 1: Log-In your normal facebook account or create one

Before you can begin to create a page for your business, you must have a ‘normal’ Facebook account. So you need to personally log into Facebook. Proceed to the following page: and enter your user data.

Setup-TIP: You will notice quickly that a network like Facebook is set to “personal” connect with people. We will provide a few additional tips how you should deal with your personal account to make your company page even more successful – later on.


How to create a Facebook PageStep 2: Create Facebook Fanpage / company page

You have your personal account. This is necessary, as you only can create your business page when you are locked into your account. As you do not want to apply yourself but your business to your audience, create a new corporate page in Facebook, you can login with your personal information, and then open this link on:

How to create a Facebook Page - 002Select the nature of your business. If you are running a …

  • Local business or place for a regional company, as a shop
  • Company, organization or institution for your business without regional reference
  • Brand or product for your product- or brand fanpage
  • Artist, Brand or Public Figure if you represent one of these categories
  • Entertainment if you have an entertaining purpose in mind for your audience
  • Cause or Community like a special tribute to charity or a community for exchange

How to create a Facebook Page – Category-Tip:

Even when Facebook does not make a difference in the value of your choice (officially) we have experienced, that it can change the way Facebook drives traffic to your ‘Fanpage’. Be sure who you want to target! Re-Think your choice from your customers perspective! Are you connecting with people as a Brand (Like Apple, Coca Cola etc.) so people will identify with your products and style, or are you a typical Company or a Local business. 

Now you need to choose in the drop-down menu the appropriate sub-category for your business, as some say this is not so important – we say: “Don´t mess with this.” As Facebook has a very good algorithm to bring specific audiences to those offers and pages, matching their interests – this can be important!How to create a Facebook Page - 003

Next is to choose an appropriate name for your page. The best choice is the brand name of your company of course, add the address and telephone number so people can connect with you. Even if you have a more virtual product this can build trust and people may be more engaged to Like and Follow you. This is especially important for local businesses as you want people from your area to be able to find you!

How to create a facebook page – SEO-Tip: 

Setting the name should match with your website. This can help you later on to improve your rankings in the search engines as you begin to build a BRAND.

The next you will fill in is the most important information the “About” Section
Use a good Selling Short Description (your main service or product and its benefit for your Visitors/Customers)! These information will help your later “fans” to find and recognize your page. This will give them one more reason to LIKE your page and become fans and customers. Very important is a good connection between your website name and your Facebook fanpage web address: Ideal would be your brand name. So it would later on look like

Facebook Page Name TIP: Often a word or name is already taken – just choose something connected with it. For example our name ‘betoce’ was free to choose. If your desired name is taken choose a second descriptive word, connecting your main company name with your service or purpose. For example we could have created betoce.forpeople or betoce.buildingBrands. You can use the “.” to connect these two words.


Step 3: Fill in your Facebook company page with content
Important: Choose Real Good Images


This step is key, as it increases the recognition of your page. Your profile picture also will show up when you engage with other people sites or communities so take something that has a connection with your brand. If you want to create a brand around yourself use a picture where you look friendly-professional. Not so easy I know, but try your best. You can change this picture as often as you want later on – so don´t overthink your choice by now. Make sure that you own the image rights. To take a picture that fits perfect to the dimensions facebook needs take a look at this Infographic of Picture Dimensions for Social Media. It will open up in a light-box for your convenience.  What else is there to know about the correct profile picture? Friendly, Fun, Engaging, Sympathic, Interesting.

how to create a facebook page content

Under Point 4 in these steps you are Asked for your Preferred Audience. This point strongly depends on your goal. If you want to grow a huge fanpage and you do not have a local business leave it open (or even attache the preferred age to less than 18 (music, entertainment, fanpages) and press Save.

CONGRATULATIONS! This is the first time you enter your new Page! At the top -above your banner- Facebook tells you what you have to complete. Complete these steps one by one. If you do not see a message above the header of your page perfect – just go on.


How to create a Facebook Page
Make Your Facebook-Page – Likeable –
To be Found more Easy – Important Information

The ‘About’ – Section – under your Profile-Image. If you hover the mouse over the top right corner you will find a little pencil icon. Choose the Option Edit! Fill in all the information best as you can. You can come back to this section and edit it at any time, but as it will be a source for your visitors to take a deeper look at your page you should contain all the basic information – right now! Make sure to fill in the ‘Impressum’ field, as it is needed by law in a lot of countries your site will show off. Too see what the Impressum is and what information it should contain visit our  What the Impressum should contain! info-page.

Tell your visitors what to expect on your Facebook page: In the left column you will now find address fields, questions about the founders, the founding date etc. You can publish your products, awards or mission goals.

Tip: Take advantage of the networking concept. Enter professional associations on where you are organized, preferably with a link to their Facebook page. If you sell products or services from  other ​specific brands, you can also provide links to their Facebook profile. Chances are good for you  – if you reach out to your partners later on, that you can cross promote your page on their pages as well. This will give you more exposure and chance to increase your audience.


Step 4: Edit Settings your Facebook page

Unlike in your private Facebook page where you share a lot of content with a very specific, narrow audience (Your Friends), you will often want to share the content on your company page to the public. As Facebook uses the public posting option as its general setting you do not need to change things here. Just make sure to read about this possibility in the Settings section of you page.

How to create a facebook page be-to-ce
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Step 5: Homemade  Design – Create your Facebook page!

Still running your Facebook page on the back burner. Well, it is time to push your page to the next Level – or perhaps we should say: “Pimp my Page”. Each website out there is primarily a visual tool to engage with your audience. Facebook as you will learn depends on good graphic to connect and make people want to come back, like and share your content.

Probably you already have a website. If you have created your website with one of the different website builder tools out there, which make it  it quite easy to create an engaging, good looking website; now, for your Facebook page you will have to get your own hands on the design.

Of course you can use Our-Service and we will create a highly engaging banner and profile image,  matching your companies purpose. Another good possibility is to use online design tools like or, to create your perfect Facebookpage banner.


How to create a Facebook Page – Branding-Tip: 

You can utilize these tools as well to create awesome posts about your business or service. With a few good photos, if available also videos you can create a unique look for your page; something that is recognizable – the begin of your company or blog branding! Especially large-format timeline images lead to higher engagement of your audience. If you need a few ideas for possible covers you can search google “facebook banner examples” . Creative inspiration, such as this photo …

How to create a facebook page_Cover example
Good Example for connection your Profile picture and your Banner/Header

Tip: Respect Facebooks Policies. But be careful, it is embarrassing if Facebook deletes your cover image, because it is contrary to their policies. Not allowed, for example, advertising as “Buy Now for 50% Off” or “download now for a one time fee of…!”. Just create something Likeable. Something that perhaps makes people curious to know more about your company.


Step 6: Make a plan for your Social Media Engagement – and stick to it

You should have a strategy for your site. Who do you want to engage? What is your main audience? Make up resources for engaging content to post to your new page.

Nothing is worse than a Facebook page without good content – start to take care of it. Make a schedule: how often and by whom the Facebook page is maintained. In fact, only a small proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises, namely 15% has the capacity that employees use the required 2 to 3 hours a day for the care of the social media channels.

Set realistic goals: A study of Fanpage Karma showed half of the analyzed 60,000 Facebook pages grew no faster than 0.64 percent per week. That is, for example, for a page with 1,000 fans a plus of only 25 new fans per month. By contrast, the top 10 percent of the examined sites grew about 9 percent in one month. So set yourself realistic goals and pursue them then consistently.
If you think these Numbers do not match your expectations …..
Read on …. Pro-Tactics to gain 50-150 new fans each WEEK!


Growth of your Fanbase – Get more Fans! Faster!

You do not know what growth is realistic for your Facebook page? Then check out your competition at times – which may well serve you as a guide. And to dream and learn, you can sometimes steal a glance at the big success stories of Facebook-Pages with up to millions of fans.

Stay tuned for – Part 2 ……

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