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How to Start a profitable Online Business?

How to Start a profitable Online Business - Make Money from HomeLets be honest – there are three types of people trying to make money from home and only about 1% make it work. Why? I will come back to this point later on.
The First – want to get an additional income to live a life without any money worries.
The Second – searching for a legitimate way to make money online – want to build their own, profitable business – wishing to be able someday to quit their actual jobs or really live the life of their dreams.
The Third – smaller part of people, already successful with their business, seeking for possibilities to grow and scale – to develop themselves and their company.

So if you want to learn how to start a profitable online business – what is the best way? No matter if you want to get your local business in front of the eyes of more online customers or if you want to build your own online business. Wealthy Affiliate University is our #1Recommendation. Why?  – Because it is the place where we got most of our knowledge from. If you want to create a real business or second income, I strongly encourage you to read on and we are glad to share our experience with you.


What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University - learn what it takes!

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an entrepreneur training platform, giving anyone with an interest in creating their own business, a very well founded combination of training, with a reliable web toolbox in a healthy, supportive community environment.

By breaking everything down in easy to follow steps you will find your own way and pace of learning and growing your business – no matter if you are a complete newbie, a real savvy or experienced marketer in the online world. Pick the knowledge and tools you need – follow the steps and – become successful! That´s How to start a profitable online business – made short.

Founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, two innovative online marketers, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is around now for a decade which is quite rare in the industry. If you know any other program with a good reputation that is around nearly as long as WA – I would love if you let me know about it in the comments.


What you can learn on Wealthy Affiliate?
What Certification Courses are there?

You find courses for different knowledge Level, covering a huge variety of all the topics that matter most to people who want to learn and succeed in online business.

To take one piece of the Training, as an excellent example of the quality WA provides for its customers, follow me to the – Certification Courses. You find these 5 – Courses, each divided in 10 well made Lessons!

  1. Getting Started (Level 1)
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)
  3. Making Money! (Level 3)
  4. Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)

To get an idea how deep the knowledge is and
how easy to follow –
lets take a closer look, on Level 1!

How to Start a profitable Online Business - Make Money From Home

This course is designed for those who already have a business or a business-idea in mind. Whether you want to build a business from scratch, you have a company and just want to promote a real life business to a bigger audience of potential online customers.This is the course that will help you!

Divided in 10 different Lessons containing a combination of text, videos and at the end of each lesson(!) ideas how you can get in action right now, the course guides you through your online journey. Well planned and put together in a logical order, you build a good foundation, step-by-step. You even can tick off everything you have already done so you can measure and force this Course for your maximum benefit and success! After taking a closer look for free you will realize what a great source this is to learn how to start a profitable online business.


How to Start a profitable Online Business - Make Money From Home

So to conclude these benefits; your learning outcome of this one first course can be:

  • Learn how to immediately get “immersed” in the awesome community
  • Discover the process of earning revenue online
  • Create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals
  • Gain instant access to over 590,000 niches
  • Choose your starting point NICHE for your business
  • Build your very OWN niche website
  • Discover the process of earning revenue online
  • Learn how to optimize your website using WordPress
  • A simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly
  • How to create quality website content (that gets ranked)
  • Understanding the keyword research process
  • Quickly and easy creation of your own low competition keyword lists

Without going any further I think you get a good impression, what I mean by getting real deep knowledge. The wonderful thing about WA is, that you build your business Step-by-Step during the learning process. Therefore you will see results and start to make your first money online.


How to start a profitable online business –
with no Idea for an Online Business att all?

– Then this part is for You! –

Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Training

Not everyone seeking for a way to make money online, already has a business idea in mind. If you are one of these people, the affiliate marketing training will teach you how to build an online income through referring products or services. You will be able to find something you are passionate about. This may not  be necessary, but makes spending a lot of time and effort in your online business much more easy! There are so many Affiliate opportunities out there.  – This course will guide you to find and grow – YOURS!How to Start a profitable Online Business - Make Money From Home Wealthy Affiliate_Recommendations of Bootcamp

Same as the mentioned course above, Kyle one of the two founders of Wealthy Affiliate, has put together this course. With a proven mixture of text, videos and stories the course guides you in 7 Levels, step-by-step through everything you need to know and do!

  1. Starting Your Foundation (Phase1)
  2. Content, Keywords and Conversions (Phase 2)
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value (Phase 3)
  4. Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media (Phase 4)
  5. Knowing Your Audiences and Catapulting Your Referrals (Phase 5)
  6. Bing, Yahoo and The Power of PPC (Phase 6)
  7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (Phase 7)

This training makes you fit for a market, where a lot of people and companies compete with each other. On the other hand, this market is so huge, that you will surely be able to find your niche. And implementing the things from this course step by step will lead you to the top of the rare perhaps 5% of the business. The rest is doing your daily tasks for your business with consistency and you can earn more than you perhaps can imagine today.

Just take a look at a few opinions of WA members and Newbies about this course. And hands down I was not able to find negative reviews, whether within WA nor online.

These opinions are quite common and I can state personally, that there is no second place on the internet, where we learned so much for our business – equal to WA.


What if You need Specific Training?
What if You got stuck and need Help?

Then you reach out or search! – On your journey to make money online successfully and build a regular income stream, there will always be questions, additional needed knowledge. You can use two additional ways to receive exactly what you need to know, implemented within WA.

The first possibility is a simple search in WA´s Network. If you for example search for additional ideas for “keyword research” while looking for your next business ideas. Just type it in in the searchbar of WA. The results are outstanding for a network in this market.

You find everything you need in one place – even from different perspectives and from various authors within the community. You can decide if you want a training or a post or blog about your search; you even can see who rolled out the training or tutorial to decide – what fits to your needs best.


Another great source within Wealthy Affiliate – weekly webinars! To stay well informed and get better in your business you can attend live webinars on a weekly basis, with live Q&A at the end of the webinars. Talking to a successful online marketer directly can help you to get your questions answered and to get your business in the right direction.

How to Start a profitable Online Business - Make Money From Home

The subjects of the webinars change and some are part of quality series, others are single webinars – to bring you up to date! All will help you to gain the knowledge on how to start a profitable online business.


– Need Help – FAST? –
The Community within Wealthy Affiliate will Help

How to Start a profitable Online Business - Make Money From Home - Community - Help

The huge, helpful community – is one of the most supportive features within WA. Beneath the exchanging with people who are on the same journey with you, can be really powerful. Getting answers within seconds or at least minutes, will improve your workflow. Exchange with already experienced Entrepreneurs, who build up their businesses and know the problems you are facing at the start – AND How To Solve Them – is a powerful source for your business!

Or just the feeling – “I am not the only one!” – facing problems at the beginning of your online career. People with valid profiles, giving real help to other people – because they got helped as well and know – How important the community-exchange can be! You even can send your newly build Website or Blog or the latest Post to the community and gain direct feedback and tips. This lets you improve much faster than doing everything on your own.

The private messaging system – within Wealthy affiliate gives you the chance, to ask for personal advice, including direct messaging with Kyle and Carson the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. We personally had contact to both of them on different occasions; both are very eager to help and support.


How Much Does The Training Cost?
How to get started?

Honesty and Transparency – is one of the good things about Wealthy Affiliate. It cost you nothing to join WA as a Starter Member and you can try it and look around for as long as you like – you even do not enter any payment information or credit card!

How to Start a profitable Online Business - Make Money From Home - Wealthy-Affiliate-membershipIncluded in your Starter Package, you can build two websites for free with SiteRubix, a drag and drop based tool for website crafting. You can join the courses immediately to start learning and building your business without cost. For full access to all the features, you can upgrade to a Premium account for $47/month or $359/year like shown beneath.

Different to other programs WA will not provide you with any up-sells. Take the full advantage of your Starter-Membership, try everything for free – and if you like – Go all in and build your Online Business! Like we did!


For what kind of person is Wealthy Affiliate
the right choice?

If you are complete new to the Online Business world, this can be a great place to learn everything from scratch and you will probably hardly find another place, giving you so much valuable input.

Marketers and people with a lot of experience in online business will benefit, by picking the right pieces of knowledge, that benefit them and their company most.

If you are not looking for the overnight get rich quick opportunity, if you want to build your own business and learn, what it needs to become successful online, then I highly encourage you to check out Wealthy Affiliate. Get your hands on the tools and the training and make your own experiences.   If you stick to it and start building your own success-story, this could be one of the best opportunities to help you on your way. It changed the lifestyle and financial situation of thousands of members, mine by the way as well!

Lets create something extraordinary – Together!Wealthy Affiliate - Start to Make Money Online


I will welcome you Inside as I am still using WA as a great source of knowledge and exchange with like-minded people  – personally. If you like I can promise to guide you through your first steps! I wish you all the best for your journey.

Do you have any experience with Wealthy Affiliate? Any questions? Or things in mind you want to share, just leave a comment below and I will reach out to help!


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    1. Hi Salman,

      you are right! I know no other website or program, offering knowledge that deep.
      Literally, people can find everything, needed for a good, successful start online.

      If you have any questions – feel free to get connected!


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