How to Earn Money by Blogging? – 5 Simple Steps!

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So you want to know – How to Earn Money by Blogging! – Let us congratulate you. If you really commit yourself to this. It can be a real, legitimate online business for you. A lot of our customers would state, that it completely changed their Lifes! To be honest with you – this will not happen over night, but if you are willing to follow our quick-guide it will grow fast.

Your First Decision
Blogging for Others  vs.  Building your own Blog

(Online Business)

Both ways are legitimate – and both ways have their own Pros and Cons. Both ways will give you the opportunity to make a living from it – when you do it with passion and on a regular basis! In this chapter we want to give you a brief overview and a great comparison of both ways. At least it will be a decision what you love most! Of course the second question will be – How much time you can invest to earn money by blogging and if you see yourself more as a kind of – Freelancer or an Entrepreneur. If you see yourself as a writer or even want to publish your own books sometime, you can check out our Printing Publishing Services for additional information.

A few of the strongest Pro´s for Both ways are:

  • Work on your own schedule
  • Work where you want to
  • No Boss (but meeting deadlines)
  • Controlling your workload and therefore your income
  • No outside pressure
  • Choose specific jobs – that awaken your interest

Additionally, with the economy in its current state freelance work can give those who have professional experience but no employment the opportunity to create their own careers utilizing the hard earned educations they have achieved.

Blogging for Others
– The Freelancer –
What You need – How to start

When it comes down to the main work, to learn how to earn money by blogging as a freelancer, you will have certain daily tasks you have to fulfill and you will need to have certain skills.

The first and most important skill you need to develop, is a good ‘art of writing’. Your potential customers must like the way you express yourself and their subjects  – through your writing. The myth that you are either a good or a bad writer still continues to be told. The good news – this is not true. Everyone can improve the quality of their writing.

how to Earn Money by Blogging_Arguments for Clients 2
Facts for Your Clients

First –
How to Improve the Quality of your Writing

  1. Do it on a regular, daily basis – Make Writing a Habit – We do not mean to write one or two articles with about 500 words each. Let wrtiting become your second nature by doing it more frequently. Do it daily when you can and write longer articles. You will – Improve through Praktice!
  2. Proofread every article before publishing or sending to a client! – Always read over the article thoroughly and correct any mistakes that you made. If you found mistakes, proofread the whole article again, and if you find any more errors, correct them and proofread again. This will ensure, that the quality of the content you publish or send out remains high. As it is a kind of ‘business card’ or show-piece for future clients you want to make sure that – You publish Quality content!

    How to Earn Money by Blogging - Freelancer
    Take a look ‘Inside the Mind of a Freelancer’
  3. Be a regular Reader! – It should be no surprise to you that a lot of the good writers are passionate readers. You can learn a lot about your craft by reading regularly. Just try to figure out how, why and with what intention other writer or blogger craft their articles or books.  Read books about subjects you are passionate about. Connect with other bloggers or subscribe to their blogs and newsletters. You will improve your writing and ad new words to your vocabulary. Both will help you to get to know how to earn money by blogging in your future.
  4. Remove the filler in your writing – Longer articles are not better. There is no point saying something in one thousand words if it can be said in one hundred. Always try to be concise and get straight to the point. Removing words, paragraphs  or pages from something you have written during your proofreading can boost the quality of your article.  Someone said – ‘if their is nothing left, you can remove – without worsening the meaning of your article – the length is perfect!’.  This will make your writing easier to read for your clients and customers.
  5. Good habbits to provide Quality content –
    Thorough Research and Making Notes! – Will lead you to better quality content and to stronger arguments in your articles. By taking notes on your computer, your phone or tablet, wherever you are of good ideas you have for an article you make sure
    Take Notes – Taking notes is an essential part of blogging. Get into the habit of taking notes every day through your phone, tablet or computer makes sure, that good ideas are never lost. So whenever you think on writing new content – you can go through your notes, pick one and start.

Already have great writing skills? – Awesome, then this part can be checked. If not , this  means not you can´t become a good blogger – it just means you have more work to do!  Perhaps your own strength is ‘telling an engaging story’ with your posts. This can be something, which gives you the ability to earn more money by blogging – as it is a highly paid skill, it even can compensate if you have not improved your writing skills yet.

So one of your first goals will be => to develop your writing skills – on a daily basis.


Second – Find Blogging-Jobs – How to Earn Money by Blogging –

Even the best writer will not earn any money, if he can´t find potential Clients.  To get things started, we can recommend these websites, specialized in jobs for blogger and freelancer. – a platform like a bulletin board specialized in companies searching for blogger. As the componies advertising their job opportunities, only stay on this page for 30 days, the list of offered jobs always stays fresh and clean. We got good customers feedback from bloggers who tried this site.

How to Earn Money by Blogging Facts for Clients
Arguments for Your Clients – a classic job market. Type in Blogger (in ‘What?’) and your Location (‘Where?’) and you will be able to find some possibilities. Of course earning money by blogging would not need the ‘where’ field, but some companies, giving away a higher salary want to see their new blogging specialist (you) at least once – so it can help if you find a local company. – an awesome place for freelancer and blogger  – and their potential clients. From writing blog posts to whole book series here you will find people offering and searching for nearly anything related to writing. If you subscribe on upwork it is good to have a well written portfolio you can present to your future clients. Competition is quite high, but I know several freelancer personally, who found really good writing jobs and in some cases even exclusive contracts lasting for years


Third – Build an Online Reputation – Utilizing Social Media

Another powerful way to find clients – is to get into Social Media. Even if you do not have decided to build your own business online, I want to strongly encourage you to get on the Social Media Platforms.

Why and How – Social Media – Having a private Facebook-page is NOT enough though. To tell the truth – it can be the opposite because, showing pictures fully drunk at a party last weekend, half naked and a beer in one hand – will not always open new business doors for you.

How to Earn Money by Blogging - Social Media ServicesLinkedIn Account – is a basic platform I encourage you to use – but do not over complicate the setup. A good picture and a brief description of the service you offer is enough. LindedIn is more a kind of referral and get found page – for your business.

TIP: Set up a Facebook-Page for your business – Make related posts about blogging or articles you have written so you can send your clients to your (THIS) page – branding yourself and your work. You even will get likes or shares of other people – perhaps potential future customers. Have something like ‘Blog, Blogger, Writing Articles, Freelancer’ in you page-title and in your about page. You even can ask clients you worked with to Like your page or write a frew lines as a future reference – this can be very powerful in building trust.

How to create a Facebook Page – Just go to your existing Facebook account. Click at the top right corner of your page on the little down arrow. Then click on ‘Create Page’ and simply follow the steps. If you want detailed tips and insight how to setup your side best, for even ranking your page in google search and get found on Facebook, just go to our ‘How to Guide – Social Media Excellence 2015/2016’.

Twitter Account – search for companies that fit your business and probably need your service. Publisher, Social Media Marketer, Online Businesses and companies that push out a lot of new content every day – like the verge, or mashable. They often need good written articles for their sites – and sometimes offer jobs on a regular basis.

Pinterest – a powerful possibility to publish a few of your articles. Other than Facebook or twitter, Pinterest offers you a more convenient way of getting connected. No permanent comments and daily posts – just make a pin, when you find something interesting.

To make Social Media really easy – and to automate and combine your different social media accounts to one powerful marketing tool you can, if you are a member of our network: click here for our – Guide to Social Media Excellence 2015/2016 – if you want to know how. If not – come back regularly or just sign up for our Newsletter at the top right of this page. We will notify you – with the release of each and every free peace of content – so you can´t miss it!

Problem – Of course, social media is time consuming. Doing research to find relevant content for your niche. Creating Content and making it valuable for your customers, posting and updating all you Social media Accounts daily can become a huge part of your daily To-Do-List. Often leaving less time needed for your main and most important tasks – to grow your business.
Solution – We provide a 365/year Social Media Service for an insane low price. Doing all the above steps for you DAILY!  Free Your Time & Money and Check out our Social Media Services here. 


Fourthly – Create a Creative Space – Gain knowledge and read about self Development

How to earn money by blogging be-to-ce
Create a space, where it feels good to do your work!

A lot of our clients change glances – when we give them tips on self development and gaining more knowledge. Often people think, doing their daily tasks is enough?! And they are totally right – when you only want to know how to earn money by blogging to make a living.
When committed to a higher goal – to earn so much money from blogging, to put a good amount aside and invest, for certain goals in their life or fulfilling their dreams; than you have to ‘invest in yourself’ first! The best jobs come along, for the best in the business. And this does not mean the ones with a Harvard degree or the best Certificates.
This simply means – if you stay connected, utilizing social media, creating more reach day by day; if you care about high quality content and get better with each article you write – then you will build an outstanding online reputation and will become an authority in your industry. And these people – Make The Big Money.

Check out our Book Recommendations for Your Business Success as a Freelancer/Blogger.


Fifth – Make a Plan – and Stick to It

Success – does not come over night – but it comes over time! Do your tasks on a daily basis and get better and connected to more people that matter in your niche. Make a real plan. Not only write down your goals – write down a plan with concrete daily tasks. Even bring your daily tasks in an order of importance and define the daily spaces of time you will spend on every task. This will help you, not to loose yourself within social media or research.

Example: a typical Monday:
Sport (for one hour)
=> breakfast with my family (one of the benefits of working from home)
=> Writing an article for 2-3 hours – break (coffee with your partner for exchange)
=> Social Media Marketing: connecting with people – Posting my latest articles – answering question 2 hours
at the end phone calls with clients
=> lunch with my family
=> Research for my next articles 2-3 hours (getting pictures and footage)
=> Writing and publishing my article (connecting to my clients) (3-5 hours)


Building Your Own Blog – for free!
Become an Entrepreneur – Boost Your Chances!


We will release Part II …. soon!
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You also can take a look at the highly valuable guideline How to start your Online Business – for free! If you want to start your own, profitable blog right now and start earning money by blogging NOW – head over to our Guide. You can use the link above to get detailed Info-First! Or just take a look – It is 100% Free – not even any payment info needed:


We want to provide you the best content and guidance to your success. So help us to get better. Tell us what you like, what you think we can do better in the comments below – we appreciate your time!

6 thoughts on “How to Earn Money by Blogging? – 5 Simple Steps!

  1. Hi this is an interesting article, it shows well what you need to blog, of course I find this difficult to do as English is only my second language. As you mentioned you have to create your space and make it an habit to work on every day if you can.
    I have a steady work that stops me to work full time on line, so I am not sure that I can do this but you convince me to give it a try, as I need a part time job to make it monthly. Thanks

    1. Hi Daniel,

      thanks for stopping by. I want and can encourage you to keep going. I also started to make my by blogging as a part time job.
      After only about 1 year I had 3 sites with growing traffic and a decent Social Media Presence with already
      about 15.000 ‘friends and followers’ (Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) which is one of my main traffic sources today.

      The good thing is – Consistency will lead to success!

      Watch out! We finally decided to reveal our complete Business Toolbox. This will include every peace of Software and the exact tools,
      we use today to grow our customers and our own social media presence and build brands.
      I am sure this will save you a lot of time as you can automate a lot of the daily tasks to grow your blog and traffic!

      If you ever need help with your website or your Social Media Strategy feel free to contact me.
      I will help you to succeed – even faster.

      All the best and a good start in a healthy and successful year 2016!


  2. Hi Greg!

    Terrific little “how to” piece! You really did a well thought out job of presenting some very relevant information, with a nice writing style. I have been blogging for several months as one of several online activities and find that I enjoy the writing a lot.

    I haven’t yet looked through all of your “tools” yet, but I definitely will. Currently, as someone who is new to social media, I am focused on Google+ and I find that keeps me quite busy just growing that network.

    However, eventually, I would like to have something serious going in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well, so your media offerings do interest me, but it is a little soon for some of the pricier offers, although I am sure they are worth the money.

    What would be your recommendation for new bloggers who are probably not yet earning from their blogs, as far as your tools are concerned?


    1. Hello Chris,

      I know your situation! It sometimes is hard to stay patient and being persistent creating new, valuable and engaging content, when you do not yet see results. But believe me the results will follow.

      Google+ is an awesome community platform and great opportunity for your social media strategy. The big pro on Google+ are the different communities you can utilize to spread word about your services or product to a specific audience. But: If you want your content to go more viral and be re-shared by many people you will find, that you might gain a lot of 1+`s but the “Share-Rate” is actual quite low on this platform. One of the main reasons is explained in our article about How to increase Your Website Traffic from Twitter.

      We tested a lot for many of our clients and the two Big Ships Facebook & Twitter still bring home the most and easiest traffic.

      Of course you are totally true when you claim that Social Media Strategies, no matter which platforms you choose, are so time consuming. Especially if you really want to get huge traffic to your Website you have to post valuable, niche (audience) specific, engaging new content on a regular (best daily) basis to grow your followers/customers and earn money.

      Seeing this a lot of our clients can´t believe how we deliver our Social Media Services with such low cost. We do the research for you, we create 100% unique, valuable content customized for your niche and post daily on Twitter and Facebook for You. 365 Days a year.

      If you use the time you save by eliminating Social Media from your To-Do-List, to create more valuable content for your site; you will easily earn multiple the cost of our service in a very short period of time – growing.

      You asked me for a recommendation for new bloggers who are not yet earning a lot from their blog. You inspired us to give value as we get asked this quite often – therefore we will release a new blog-post in the next days with exact these recommendations.

      Hope this will have the best possible impact for you Chris – and for all other bloggers out there seeking for success and a way to earn money from home.

      All the best,

    1. Hi Kayo,

      thanks for your comment. We are happy when you could benefit from our ideas and tips.
      Perhaps you find these additional infos helpful: How to Earn from Home.

      If you ever have any questions about blogging – feel free to connect.

      All the best!

      Hartmut Obst

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