Impressum – What it should contain!




Why do I need an Impressum?

Impressum obligation, provider identification or service-information requirement! – No matter what you call it, a website must show clearly, who is behind the content. And that applies not only commercial pages – already an affiliate link or banner can be enough to make an otherwise private side, a side that must have an Impressum.

In countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland among several other countries the impressum is required by law. For any App, Website, Online services or others Impressum page or section is required.

What is the Impressum and what should be contained?


‘Impressum’ is a Latin word adopted in German; which means ‘Imprint’, ‘Credits’, ‘Legal Disclosure’, ‘Legal Notice’ or ‘Statement of Ownership’. It’s basically a fancier word of ‘about us’ and ‘Terms of Conditions (TOS)’ pages and therefore often used in the english speaking countries as well.

You can add an Impressum to your Facebook page by following the instructions below.

  1. Write the Impressum that describes your page/website/App in accordance with your local law
  2. At the top of your Page, click ‘Edit Page’. Select ‘Update Page Info’.
  3. Type the information you’re required to disclose in the Long Description section.
  4. Click Save Changes.

The basic information which should be included in any kind of Impressum:

  • Name of your Business or Organization
  • Address of the organization.
  • Contact information like; phone number, fax number, e-mail.
  • Name of the owner or manager of the page and the organization.
  • Registration and license number(s).
  • Links to your official website’s Impressum page.

These are just basic information and more information will be required depending on your business and it’s service type and the established law of your country.

People will be able to see this information when they click the ‘About’ link below your Page’s profile. The limit for ‘Impressum’ in your Facebook page is 2000 characters. If you need examples of Impressum in your Niche, go to facebook pages of the leading companies in your market and take a look at the Impressum they included.