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Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website
„How to Web Traffic“ – Guide Part II

If you haven´t read Part I of the article yet: You can Read it here.  Retake from Part I:
Putting up your own website can be a fun and enriching activity for you. A website is not only used for self-expression, but also for your business or establishment. It can also be your training ground so you could learn something new, such as writing relevant and thought-provoking articles, programming, lay-outing of webpage, and designing your website. If you do not know how to start – Building your own Website or Blog: Read our Article here!

However, success in cyberspace takes more than knowing how to put up a website.  In this ‚How to Web Traffic‘-Guide, I will lead you through 28 powerful techniques to drive traffic to your website or blog.

So you have learned the basic ideas and techniques to drive traffic to your blog.

Let´s talk about some advanced stuff!


  1. Stage a blog tour to generate more readers. A blog tour helps in promoting websites, especially those owned by newbies. A blog tour usually happens in a week, with several authors posting reviews of a product or service. Suppose your product is cosmetics line. You could ask beauty bloggers to review your products (one blogger per day), and keep their reviews as the top post for the day. Utilize your Social Media Network to spread word – who is writing about your page or product.


  1. Take advantage of widgets. How to Web Traffic Widgets be-to-ceWidgets such as calendars, apps, photos, ads, and other add-ons to your site will not only help your website become more attractive to readers but they also provide other important information to your readers. Choose the right kind of widget for your site. Take care not to overcrowd your web page.


  1. Conduct raffles and give away freebies. Though it would sound a little off to starting businesses, raffles and freebies also attract readers. There are widgets for generating codes for raffles and other freebies. Some samples of these prizes are ebook codes, kitschy stuff or even totally free ebooks (if you’re an author).To give you an example: We actually give away a free ebook as a thank you to our audience. The highly beneficial book reveals:  50 Ways To Monetize Your Site. For a few weeks we give away a second book as well. Written by our Founder Hartmut G. Obst (bestselling author) „The Success Mindset – How Your Mindset Shapes Your World! Trigger Your Success in Life!“.
  1. Create a newsletter for your website. The newsletter will encourage people to visit your blog because they already have a preview of the contents of your website. The newsletter may contain graphics or text. They may also contain both. MailChimp is a cool tool to send emails. The emails become customizable and interactive to readers. Sign up for free, choose a package that you’re comfortable with. MailChimp has three options: Starting Up (free), Growing Business (with marketing automation), and Pro Marketer (with enterprise-level features).


  1. Set an email list. Send invites to browse your website through an email database. There is a software for this, and you don’t have to manually send emails to your readers. SendBlaster sends email in bulk, while GetResponse lets you deliver emails to all of your subscribers in a matter of minutes; including awesome tools to create visual Newsletter, converting Landing Pages and Opt-Ins of all kind – You can try it totally for free.

  1. Ask for blog traffic. This is the easiest and by far the most convenient and old school type of method for driving traffic to your website. Ask people and would-be visitors to read and share your website after they have browsed it. Call it a traditional marketing strategy as well. Sometimes you must not over-complicate everything.
  1. Submit your blog address to search engines. Make your web address a part of their list. Look for the “Submit” link and simply provide your url to the search engine. The next time Google sees your web address, it would readily include you in its index. Even creating a Sitemap to your website and submitting it is always a good idea. You can use a plugin to do this or do it with some of the existing SEO tools for WordPress eg.


  1. Update your blog list. Your blog list is one important widget that you could use for your website. Like the back links, the blog lists tell people whom you’ve been following. A tip: The more famous the blog owner is, the better. So basically, the blog list is just PR work. Besides, wouldn’t you want to know who are interested to include you in their list, too? There is a bunch of real good WordPress Plugins which help you to include a blog list. (It will be like a RSS for your visitors = providing additional value and newest insights in your niche)


  1. How-to-web-traffic-Tags-for-Searchengines-be-to-ceUse tags in your posts. The tags are the keywords in your posts, but they are not included in the body of your article. The tags are meant to share your content and for it to appear in webpages whenever people type a particular keyword. The tags are words or phrases which may actually appear in your post. For example, your article on writing may have the following tags: writing life, writing, novel, fiction, writer. The more tags you use, the more popular and visible your website would be.


  1. Participate in a blogging community. There is no harm in becoming a part of a community of bloggers and website administrators. The communities would depend on the niche you’re working for and the demographic you wish to dominate. Such communities are found online and in social media. Just search for ‚blogging community‘ in your favorite search engine.


  1. Install Google Analytics. A Powerful Tool! You simply can not improve your traffic when you do not know which traffic sources are working or not; so Google Analytic is a must for our „How to Web Traffic“ – Guide. Analyzing the hits and studying the trends will give you insights on what to improve on and what to maintain in your site. The aspects could be quality content, marketing schemes, the overall look of your website, and the speed of your site as graphics load. Never ignore the results from Google Analytics. They can provide a clear picture of what your website should and should not have. A smartly interpreted datum will help your website a lot.

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  1. Rewrite your posts. Ever wondered why some websites have similar blog posts? The secret lies in rewriting content. Some blog owners even use article spinners so they don’t have to start fresh every time they want to emphasize their products or services. Rewriting may sound like plagiarism, but it’s not.You are simply recycling your posts because you want to show a different angle to your story. Article spinner tools that are recommended to bloggers and webmasters are Free Article Spinner, which allows users to encode the input text and then wait for the output text, Spinbot, Foliovision, and FreeSpinner.


  1. Have an attractive design and layout. The person who could help you with this is your web designer and IT consultant. There are a lot of designs out there, but be sure to choose the one that reflects your personality, your ideology, and your objectives. Include drawings and photos of food if your website is about restaurant and fine dining. Use pastel colors if you are writing for teens and children. Use dark colors if the content of your website is equally dark-toned.The layout should be easy on the eyes of the user. Apart from aesthetics, it also depends on your intuition: What could be the best design and layout to catch the attention of your audience? Netizens recommend the following: Dribble, wordpress, sortfolio, and 99Designs. The Web Design Library (WDL) is an excellent repository of links, tutorials, and a gallery of web templates that would help you invite more readers and clients to your website. Likewise, visit to see a wide array of professionally-made templates for your business.
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  1. Host and attend events related to the industry you are in. There are conventions which you could attend to. For instance, if you are a book blogger, you could go to events such as book launches and comics conventions in your area. This is a perfect opportunity to market your work and your products. People will also get to know you and it would be easier to tell potential clients about your website.

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  1. Promote your site through email connections and your signature. Your description – whether you are a researcher, a teacher, or a writer—will make email recipients more interested into conducting business with you. It’s also possible to get a free and instant email signature through WiseStamp Signature samples because a template has already been made for their users.



Putting up your own website is not hard if you have the right tools. However, gaining and maintaining a following can be trickier. Thanks to these tips, you will never be at a loss for website marketing techniques again. Expect to have a larger percentage of readers soon!

Part I: Can be found here.   We hope these tips will help you to succeed!
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