[INFOGRAPHIC] What a hype! Everybody is talking so much about the right Content Marketing Strategy. And althoug nearly everybody would agree that you should have one only a few would be able to define it simple. The bald truth is – without a good strategy your company or blog will most certain fail and not become the – Success You Deserve! I encourage you to keenly integrate the following tips to your Business. Create massive success – immediately.

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Let´s break it down in plain words – and yes(!) in a simple 3 Step System.
1. Take Content
2. Post it to a Website or Blog
3. Get as many eyeballs to it as possible (eg. Social Media Marketing).

Sounds so simple but the Steps 1 + 3 done wrong, will lead to no eyeballs, no customers, no sales. If you need more active customers, i encourage you to read on.

The “Secret” – It’s not enough just to write some content. You all have heard content is key and this is 100% true, but the most important part is missing. You can not just publish something and hope it does well. You need a strategy to create content your audience will love and SHARE with their networks. This will lead to more people (eyeballs) on your content, new back-links for your site and raise your Content Marketing Strategy to higher power.

In an highly valuable study Venngage asked over 120 influential leaders of various niches which strategy they use to create addictive content. The variety of the answers was surprisingly broad.

To find the right content marketing strategy for your company or niche, start using one of the strategies of those who are top of a related niche. I want to inspire you with this infographic to find one idea that resonates with you and go all in. It is better to have a strategy at hand and use it, than researching for month which might be the best and never really proceed. The ideas, from question based keywords, editorial calendar, deep market research on the one side to really simple solutions on the other are endless.

To say it with Guy Kawasaki: “Post good shit and let Google find it…”

Content Marketing Strategy - be-to-ce



Please do me one Favor

As I hopefully added valuable ideas to your business, please come back and post at least one comment. Share your experience or the strategy you use for your website or business (free additional website traffic for you!). Sharing is caring; you will inspire others.

And of course, if you have any further questions – I m here to help you. Just leave a question below!

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