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Get on Amazons Page One or Two with Your Book and our Printing Publishing Services. As we regularly publish books, guides or manuals for our clients we are very experienced in online publishing. With a staff of writers, proof-readers, cover designers, online marketers and superb connections, we will help you to promote your written ‚Art‘!


You need our Printing Publishing Services if:

  • you are an author and do not know how to create your kindle book
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  • you are a company and need a book on a specific subject for your customers
  • you need a good cover for your book or guide

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Some of our Authors & Books:

Author & Illustrator
Marc O. Teuber

Author – Marc Oliver Teuber tells exciting, funny and educational stories from and for the heart. The German Author and his wife have two daughters who always challenge him to find more exciting and fun stories. He knows how important imagination, dreaming and laughing for children is. And his audience at home is very picky.


The Illustrator – Wonderful drawings with heart and soul are the second passion of Marc O. Teuber. Certainly they are his second big talent. Under his „abbreviation Synonym“ MOT, he publishes caricatures, comics and cartoons in addition to enchantingly drawn children’s books. His drawings make his books a unique mixture that his audience, no matter if they are „young or old“ loves so much!

Facebook Page of Marc O. Teuber AuthorYou can take a closer look at his work. Visit his Facebook Fan-Page: 

You can find more Details on his Website:


We helped Marc O. Teuber with our Printing Publishing Service to publish and to promote his work.


Special Services:
✔ Setup his Social Media Accounts
✔ find content for his pages
✔ press releases
✔ organize his first readings


Take a look at his latest wonderful illustrated books:


TYPEN – ARCHE:  „Das Leben Hart Gespiegelt“

„Das wohl witzigste und originellste Karikaturen Buch der vergangenen 5 Jahre!“_E.N. Richardson (Bestselling Autor)
printing publishing services - Karikaturen

Eine kurze Einleitung: Karikaturen, Comics und Cartoons

Kennst Du das auch? Du bist unterwegs, träumst vor Dich hin. Dein Blick erfasst einen anderen Menschen. Erst passiert nichts, Du schaust noch einmal  – und …

„Bämm! – Hallo (Vor-)Urteil!“

Wir klassifizieren andere in Sekunden! Positiv, negativ – gerecht oder ungerecht?  Du denkst das ist ja nur menschlich? Absolut! Und das, ist der Grund dieses Buches!

Typen – Arche ist der Spiegel unserer Vorurteile! Ein zynisch- spaßiger Blick auf die Typen unserer Zeit und ihre „exakt, – menschlich, wissenschaftliche Klassifizierung! Ähnlichkeiten mit echten Personen – … sind beabsichtigt.

Das Buch ist: Individuell – Originell – Universell – Emotionell – Einfachundschnell

Get it on Amazon.DE or Amazon.COM

Printing Publishing Services

Printing Publishing Services


Tags for this book: Cartoon, Karikaturen, Bildband, Comic, Karikaturenbuch für Erwachsene, bissig, Humor


Abenteuerbuch – Serie
Nikes unglaubliche Geschichten:

Band 1: „Abenteuer zwischen den Sternen“


Eigentlich begann es wie ein ganz normaler Abend.
„Aber glaubt mir, was dann geschah, oh Mann, das war mal alles andere als normal! Und so begann das spannendste Abenteuer, das ich bis dato jemals erlebt hatte.“
Also Leute, ich will ja nicht zu viel verraten, aber diese Mampfonen, uiuiuiui! Und das Pegasus, oder hieß es jetzt Pegasi? Naja, es war halt ein Pferd das fliegen konnte. Und überhaupt: Was ist denn schon ’normal‘?

Aber ich beginne am besten ganz von vorne …
Details on Amazon.DE:    -Buy & Details-
Details on Amazon.COM: -Buy & Details-


BAND 2: „Unter Rittern und Räubern“

Abenteuerbuch für Kinder und Jugendliche Web - Printing Publishing ServicesBackcover:
Der große Tag war gekommen und wir starteten zu unserer Klassenfahrt zur sagenumwobenen Burg Falkenstein. Es war so aufregend! Versteckte Gänge, Ritter … vielleicht spukte es in der Burg ja sogar? Ich war bereit für ein neues Abenteuer. Doch was dann geschah – das konnte wohl niemand ahnen! Eigentlich war auch nur der gemeine Ritter an allem schuld! Zugegeben, ohne den Kobold und die Hexe hätte sich alles sicherlich auch ganz anders entwickelt!
Aber – begleitet mich doch einfach von Anfang an…

Kundenmeinungen zur Nike-Kinderbuch-Serie:
Ein wundervolles Kinderbuch mit Herz – tolle Zeichnungen“_Peter S.

„Wer mit Nike auf Reisen geht, der wird manchmal schmunzeln und lachen, aber immer neugierig sein, was als nächstes wohl passiert!“_Christel und Stefan D.

„Nur zu empfehlen! Sehr schön geschrieben. Eigentlich war es für unsere Tochter gedacht, aber ich fand es so gut, dass ich es als Erste gelesen habe.“_Amazon Kunde

Get it on Amazon.DE:     -Buy & Details-
Get it on Amazon.COM: -Buy & Details-


Tags for this book:  abenteuer bücher, abenteuerbücher, abenteuerroman, jugendbücher, kinderbücher, Bücher für Jugendliche und Erwachsene, Jugendroman



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Latest Book Examples from our bestselling Authors
published by be-to-ce _ Printing Publishing Services

A James Kingsley Guide:


Understanding Men: Your Loophole into Men’s Minds. Discover the Secrets to Find – Attract and Keep Mr. Right. What Men really think, Why Men Pull Away.  An Enjoyable Guide to live a fulfilled Relationship! Realized with our Printing Publishing Services.

The Experiment! What will a book be like, when the Relationship Coach James Kingsley(♂), starts to discuss his Inside Knowledge about Men – with a confident, open-minded and witty woman?

Understanding Men -Your Loophole to the Males Mind!

Stefanie-Maria Rhoden (♂) his assistant, becomes “Your Voice” – asking „Your Questions!“

understanding-men-know-how-men-really-think-smaller♀: “It will be great, Ladies! I ask him, what we really want to know! Nothing should stay untouched – if you know what I mean, James?
♂: “Let us, just for one brave moment, pretend you mean all the secrets we will reveal to the women out there!”
♀: “Okay, if you want, we can even do that.”
♂: “You probably can imagine how the wind blows, Ladies. We did not cut out any part. So excuse Stefanie’s language in some chapters!”
♀:” What? – What language is there to be excused, James?”
♂: “I knew you would jump on this one! Just love to tease Stephanie. Your language is just fine!”
♀: Fine? What do you mean with “just fine”?

♂: “Okay Ladies, I think now you start to imagine, what I meant above! This book is different and by no means – one of these boring relationship-guides. We made it entertaining, helpful and fun too read !”

Buy on Amazon: Check on Amazon

Because of the huge Social Media Hype for this book we will create an own Website. James & Stefanie our two awesome Authors will do a Q&A Session with you…. just Sign Into our Newsletter and we inform you as soon as we have time and date for you!


Tags if you are looking for: Loophole into men’s mind, find Mr. Right, relationship guide, fulfilled relationship, understanding men


Americas Top Author for Childrens-Books: Paul T. Wolly

„My Secret Super – Powers“ – A Hilarious Adventure Book for Kids of all Ages!

e-book My secret super-powers
My name is Charlie Hammond and I have a Secret! I kept it covered well – not even my parents know about it.

„Psst, come closer. I have …  Secret Super-Powers!“ 

I thought I was just a normal kid until I realized that I can do things no one else can! Come with me on my hilarious adventures. And, if you ever get into trouble – keep your eyes open, maybe I am already near – to help you out!
„My Secret Super-Powers“ is a funny, awesome illustrated adventure story. An entertaining and highly imaginative book for children, middle school students and adults, who are still able to dive into exciting new stories and … dream.

The book is wonderful illustrated by the comic and cartoon artist MOT. You can find his awesome work at: 


Amazon: Check-Out on Amazon here

Tags if your Kids like: Adventure, Short Story, Funny book, illustrated book, kids, children, teens, fantasy, super powers, hero, super-hero 


Reference Books from Bestselling Author E.N. Richardson

*Guide to Communication*
How to Win Friends and Master to Lead Conversations. Effective and Easy Small Talk & Crucial Conversation Tactics!
(Co-Author: Hartmut Obst founder of be-to-ce)

Printing Publishing Services - Effective Small Talk and Crucial Conversation Tactics


What you will find inside the book:

  • Rock-solid advice that carried thousands of people up the ladder of success
    in their business and personal lives
  • How to make people like you instantly
  • How to win people to think your way
  • How to never run out of words again
  • How to change peoples behavior – the smart way

Limited Time Promotion:
e-book (every device) $3.99 on Amazon
Paperback $9.99 on Amazon


Communication Reference:
No matter if you want to feel confident and easy speaking with strangers, lead conversations more effective or captivate your audience within seconds. This book is your reference guide to “Win Friends and Master to lead Conversations”.

Experience the essence of communication skills, gained from the best communicators and speakers around the globe. Composed as a mixture of a proven step by step guidance, with highly effective and easy to read writing – this book will help you to get the most out of improving your communication and conversational skills!


Tags if you are looking for: communication tactics, win friends, small talk guide, self-confidence in communication


Powerful Mindset Tricks To Immediately Create a Happy and Successful Future!

Printing Publishing Services - Mindset for Success be-to-ce

What you think, you become!
Learn in 21 practical Lessons how to boost Your Success!

Section I: Change Your Mindset Toward Yourself
Section II: Change Your Mindset Toward Others
Section III: Become a better You!
Section IV: Change Your Money Mindset


Limited Time Offer:
e-book (all devices): $3.99 on Amazon
Paperback :                  $12.99 on Amazon



Tags if you are looking for: Improve your Mindset, Success Mindset, Growth Mindset, Mindset for Happiness, Self-Confidence


EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: 7 Self-Control & EQ Secrets.
„Leverage Your Brain for Success & Happiness in LIFE!“

Printing Publishing Services - Emotional_Intelligence_en_richardson


Simple Life Changer!


  • Release Your Power of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Understand Yourself and Others Better
  • Improve Your Success in Managing Your Relationships
  • proven for Business and Private
  • 7 proved methods to Master your Emotional Intelligence


Limited Time Offer:  $2.99 on Amazon


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is said to be 10x more important for your Success than the „famous“ IQ.


Tags if you are looking for: Lasting Success in Life, Boost Your Success, Personal Development, People Business


E.N. Richardson: „I Want To Help You – To Help Yourself! PERIOD
Bestselling Author E.N. Richarson: „…matter of my heart!“

Self Help: 21 Self-Help Methods – to Overcome Anxiety, Fear, Depression & Anger!
Boost Happiness, Confidence, Self Esteem & Success!

Self Help Anxiety Depression Anger Happiness - Printing Publishing ServicesAuthor: „I Want To Help You – To Help Yourself! PERIOD

This was the simple goal – creating this book for YOU! It was a pleasure creating this book and I hope that the self-help techniques discussed here help you on your journey through a passionate and exciting life.“

Section I: Limiting The Negatives
Overcoming Anxiety / Defeating Fear
Coping With Depression / Outdoing Anger
Section II: Increasing The Positive
Allowing Happiness In Your Life
Creating Confidence / Being Moved By Motivation

Limited Time Offer: $2.99 on Amazon


One of the best Self Help Guides on the market. 100 ✶✶✶✶✶ Reviews:  Free Yourself


Tags if you are looking for: Free yourself from Anxiety, Get rid of Depression, Conquer your Fears, Anger Management, become more happy



All books were created through our
Printing Publishing Services!

Read more: Our Bestselling Author
Printing Publishing Services - E.N. Richardson - be-to-ceE.N. Richardson – HERE –



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