Many companies are now integrating a social media strategy into their marketing and communication plans. However, they often forget to focus on the right concept of a social media strategy. Without a well-defined strategy, your plan for a successful social media appearance will not become a success-story.

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Social Media Strategy:
Important questions should be clarified

For small and medium-sized businesses, social media can be a miracle. Not least in terms of marketing their products or brand.

With this in mind and according to latest studies, companies have generated more customer contacts and a higher degree of brand awareness. You will be able to increase your sales as well. The decision to have an active social media strategy can lead to quite new potentials to boost your business on the internet.

With this guide we want to help you to find and setup a successful Social Media Strategy for your brand, product or company.

We help you to clarify some essential questions in advance. Which social networks you should utilize? How often  do you publish updates to your network? We help you to keep all the important things in mind.

It is also clear that each business model answers our questions differently. Being inspired by others is not always recommended. What works on social media for company A, must not work for your company B as well. Nevertheless taking a look at big successful competitors can help to clarify some questions and get ideas. For example, investment companies will have different goals with their social media management then non-profit organizations. Big agencies will interact in the social web with a completely different language as well.

With the following steps we give you some clues! We show you exactly, what questions you should consider in your Social Media Strategy.


Social Media Strategy
Step 1: Define your/company goals

Before you or your Social Media Managers make any decision, be aware of the top goals to be met.

You can achieve different objectives:

  • customer service can be established
  • brand-awareness can be strengthened
  • new leads can be generated
  • fans & followers can be turned into customers


Define Your Top Goal! The top goal has a decisive influence on the answer to all subsequent questions. It is also highly recommended to set the company targets with measurable indicators. Monitor your progress to find out what works best. If social media managers want to boost the brand-awareness, it may be useful to define the number of followers to be reached within one year. Make it specific and measurable.


Social Media Strategy
Step 2: Define your target audience/groups

The question of the target audience is essential in the context of a successful social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy - How-to-reach-your-target-audience
At least as essential as the question of the company goals, is the question of the target group of people. Find out who they are for you to communicate the right content. You find the right way to approach them as well in this process.

For example if you are targeting a B2B audience, these people often favor content that conveys knowledge. While a group of consumers may occasionally prefer entertaining content, such as virals or memes.


Draw the customer profile by comparing some demographic information. Be aware of the interests and the profession of your ideal audience.

Some companies even put up different fanpages. On Facebook for example this lets you target different audiences with very specific content. You might think about this “splitting” as well, because it can be highly beneficial for the growth of your following.


Social Media Strategy
Step 3: Identify social networks

Having done these first two steps, determine which social networks are important. Which platforms help you to achieve the company’s objectives. Think about, where you can reach the target audience you defined.

Use a Facebook appearance in the B2C area. It is always useful, as the majority of the potential customers chat here. You can do the same of course in B2B business. But here you shouldn’t miss networks like LinkedIn in this case as it is the natural environment for your audience.


The social media landscape is really huge. Within the framework of your social media strategy, responsible persons must identify the most relevant networks.

Social Media Strategy Infographic

In addition to Facebook, consider platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, or career networks such as Xing or LinkedIn for your strategy.

The selection of the social network depends on your defined target audience within your Social Media Strategy. Career networks are, for example, suitable for recruiting agencies or headhunters, Facebook and YouTube often unite young people who prefer consumer themes.


Looking closely on Twitter and Google+ there often is an internet-affiliated, professional audience, predominantly on the transfer of knowledge. You find people, particularly interested in everything around design and advertising on Pinterest. Many graphic artists and creatives are very active here.

Often it is worthwhile to present the brand on several platforms.


Social Media Strategy
Step 4: Focus on Your Goal

Additionally you really should think about your company goals, the target audience and the preferred social networks first. You have answered all these questions? Then it is time for you to create or communicate the topics/content that are match best.


Social Media Strategy - Content-marketing-cycle
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On the one hand, it is important that your company stays as close as possible to your own products or services. But also keep the needs of your targeted audience in mind. For example, an e-mail marketing company could direct customers to self-hosted lotteries for generating leads. If you are looking for a B2B target audience, you could distribute your own blog articles for newsletter marketing. Send your info’s to those who are interested in staying ahead of the competition in their niche. You can provide great tips within the newsletter to ensure that your B2B customer can win his “game”. Automatically this will help you and your company to gain attention and build a strong relationship with your newsletter audience.


Then think about the unique characteristics of the brand, product or service you offer as another very important point. Regardless of who is the target audience you want to address, clarify your winning edge.  and how this can help your audience to solve their problems or to reach their goals. If you can define, what differentiates you from other competitors you can utilize your Social Media Strategy to spread this message and create fans, customers and sales.


Important Tip: Often it is not enough to only post a piece of content. Learn how to engage and interact with your audience to gain higher trust and more active followers.


Social Media Strategy
Step 5: Set up topic plan

The next step is to distribute great new content quite regularly to your target audience. This will especially be important at the beginning of your social media activities.


If you really want success with your social media efforts, it is advisable to set up a topic plan. Compare it to an editorial plan for your fan pages. On the one hand, this will help you to ensure that contributions are in a logical order and contain interesting topics for your audience. On the other hand, you can also use your topic plan to identify possible contributions in advance. This can be “special content” you present during exhibitions or other important events for your company and customers. It also helps to ensure a good and steady mix of updates. You can utilize blog posts, case studies, specialized articles, media reviews, eBooks, pictures and videos.


If you think all this is much to time consuming? You do not want to hire a dedicated Social Media Manager for your company? Just stay relaxed, save tons of money and take a look at our Social Media Services. We will be glad to help you gain Fans & Followers, then turn them into satisfied returning customers.


We wish you all the best with your strategy and look forward to our exchange in the comments.