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Most of you, my dear readers, won’t tweet this article. – Why? 


You just lack motivation for any kind of action, other than reading it. I know this because I rarely tweet articles myself, even when they’re plain awesome. I’m just too lazy to do that.

So just keep reading and I share one of my Secrets – to Increase Twitter Traffic with you. You will love it, because it will help your visitors to stay in their lazy comfort-zone …. while boosting your Twitter Traffic.

This sounds awesome and weird, huh? 
But, there are certain psychological triggers that you can pull to make your visitors tweet your stuff much more often.    Curious? Then Read along…


How To Make People Tweet Your Content and Increase Twitter Traffic

Well… why don’t you just ask them?  “What?  Ask them for a Tweet?”  Yes!


  1. Ask them for a tweet
    Believe it or not, asking your visitors for a tweet of your article, many of them will actually do it, as long as you provide value.  At least that’s what studies show:

Study Increase Twitter Traffic be-to-ce

the more precise you are – the better your results (image from DANZarrella)


Watch out(!) – “Marketing Technical Term in use”: In the Marketing-Universe “asking someone to do something” is called a “Call-to-Action”.


Call To Action – Words that urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take an immediate action, such as “Write Now,” “Call Now,” or (on Internet) “Click Here.” A retail advertisement or commercial without a call-to-action is considered incomplete and ineffective. []



So, if you want any of your Call-to-Action´s to be effective, you really should consider making it as prominent as possible; enough to be noticed and specific enough to be comprehended.

Another Secret Trick to make your Call-to-Action work I Reasoning. By giving your visitors a reason why they should tweet your stuff, they will be much more likely to “take-action”.


  1. Make it easy for them to tweetIncrease Twitter Traffic PlugIn
    What do you think? When you implement a prominent Call-to-Action and awesome Reasoning what will happen?  I guess you guessed it right! Many people will STILL ignore you…. nothing happens. Why? Remember: People are lazy and if you ask for too much – they won’t do anything.How does it apply to tweets? Well, if you ask for a tweet and no Tweet button is in reach, a visitor will have to…

    1. open;
    2. copy the headline of your article;
    3. then go back and copy the URL of your article;
    4. perhaps create an image if they want to make it more prominent
    5. (…then maybe even manually shorten it with
    6. and only then publish the tweet.

Guess what they´ll think:   “Oh gosh, so much hassle for a single tweet. No way…”

So if you want to really increase twitter traffic “through” your visitors and you want them to tweet your stuff – make sure the Tweet button is nearby AND make tweeting hassle-free.


  1. Give Your Visitors something valuable and awesome to tweet
    Okay, so we said – People don’t just tweet random stuff. They tweet for a reason. I have read through tons of articles which explain why and what people like to share and tweet. If I would recap all this for you in a single quote,  I’d probably say:


People love to tweet things that make them look good!
Click to tweet Increase Twitter Traffic be-to-ce


As an interim conclusion you can state – When you want your visitors to tweet something – make sure it makes them look good. People love tweeting awesome things, handy things, funny stuff, timely things.



“Tweetable Quotes” Phenomenon

There’s one cool tactic that combines all three psychological triggers we discussed above. It’s called “Tweetable Quotes” and many pro bloggers have been using it for quite a long time.
Look at this post from Neil Patel: Business Advice In Three Words. The post is simply a list of tweetable quotes.
How did you think it performed? Let me cite Neil Patel:

“The post got over 417 retweets.
And out of the 417 retweets,
283 of them came from the
54 retweet buttons within the blog post.”


That’s about 200% more tweets!! And there are so many –   OTHERS   WHO   KNOW   this Formula- to increase twitter traffic.


So why do “Tweetable Quotes” work so well to increase Twitter Traffic to your website?
How do they make your visitors tweet more?

  1. Tweetable Quotes give your readers great copy to tweet easily (which will make them look good)
  2. Tweetable Quotes are hard to miss, because they are styled differently from the rest of the copy and catch the eye;
  3. Tweetable Quotes have a “tweet this” call-to-action on them;
  4. it’s super easy to tweet them – you just need to click on them.

Here’s an example of a tweetable quote for You:


Start Doing What the Successful Do
– With a Twist – And Become Your Own Success-Story!

Click to tweet Increase Twitter Traffic be-to-ce



Things you can Utilize to
Turn them into Tweetable Quotes


  • Quotes by famous people – that you use in your article. You have used a quote by Bill Gates in your article? Awesome! Make it tweetable – your readers will appreciate that!
  • Good takeaways from your blog post – You have just shared something of value with your readers. Recap it in one short sentence and make it tweetable. People will love to share value with their followers and tweet it more eagerly, than an actual article.
  • People love statistical data – and they love tweeting them. Why not making all statistics in your article tweetable?
  • Catchy phrases – If you are good in copy-writing and can come up with short catchy phrases, smart and entertaining – you just have to make them tweetable as people love to tweet these.

So you have plenty of options when it comes to filling your article with some great tweetable quotes that people will share on Twitter.

But how to make them “tweetable”?
How to style them differently to stand out in your copy?


Introducing TweetDis
Increase Twitter Traffic

TweetDis is an awesome, easy to use WordPress plugin, that will turn any piece of text into a fancy looking Tweetable Quote.

Increase Twitter Traffic - Tweetdis_Plugin
I used TweetDis plugin to create those awesome looking tweetable quotes that you saw in this article.  We were looking for an easy way to incorparate tweets in our copy. With this easy to use tool it becomes a breeze.

If you like the idea of Tweetable Quotes I suggest you to learn more about this WordPress-Plugin:  TweetDis plugin here

It would be silly not to practice what I preach, right? So I’m going to recap this article with a few takeaways that you can tweet with a click. I even can show you some of the options:


Asking for a tweet works!
But giving a solid reason to tweet works even better!
Click to tweet Increase Twitter Traffic be-to-ce


People won’t tweet your stuff
if they don’t see a tweet button aroundIncrease Twitter Traffic tweetdis


We tweet things that will make us look good in the eyes of our followers <<TWEET>>

Tweetable Quotes is a brand new hack to make your readers tweet your content [Twitter]



I started this article with an assumption – that you won’t bother to tweet it. But as you’ve made it till the very end of it, can I ask you to pick any of my cool Tweetable Quotes and share it on Twitter?  Or even the article …. no…. that would be too much. Even – I’ve made it super easy for you! 😉

Love Your Comments – Ideas – Experiences with Tweetable Quotes. Show your increased stats to share the Joy.