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5 Big Tips for Social Media

Excerpt from SocialMediaToday:

You’ve no doubt heard the experts say it before: social media is the future of customer service, and they’re not lying. Today’s consumers expect a response to their Twitter complaint, a reply to their Facebook comment and a ‘Like’ on their Instagram image.

Research shows that answering a complaint on social can increase customer advocacy as much as 25%, while failing to respond can reduce customer advocacy by as much as 50%. So, with years of social media practice now under their belts, why aren’t brands doing a better job with customer service on social media?

Maybe it’s because only 26% of companies say their staff take social seriously as a customer service tool, or 30% of companies cite a lack of business intelligence for social customer service.

No matter the reason, it’s no longer an option to ignore customer service via social media channels – the time to implement a social customer service strategy is today.

Here are five ways to effectively engage with your audience on social.

1. Act human

As far as we’ve come with marketing…………….


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5 Big Tips for Social Media
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